Workshop 29 nov-1 dec – Mestre Roberval

Mestre Roberval Do Espirito Santo is coming for a quick visit to Stockholm.

Lets make the most of it. Prepare for graceful capoeira games, swinging music, and a whole bunch of fun with Grupo de Capoeira Angola Menino Quem Foi Seu Mestre – Sverige.

600kr for all days
Friday: 150kr
Saturday or Sunday: 300kr

Schedule (reservations for minor changes):
Friday=> 19.oo-21.00 Training
Saturday=> 10.00-12.00 + 14.00-17.00, from 15.00-16.00 kids training ending the day with closed roda.
Sunday=> 11.00-13.00 + 15.00-17.00 (open roda)

Liljeholmshallen from 19 o’clock friday to 17 o’clock sunday.

How to get there:
From the central station take the tube (red line) south, get of at Liljeholmen, and walk towards the training facilities no more than 400meters.

Welcome for a flavorous weekend!!!