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Workshop med CM Anderson 29 november till 2 december

Save the date! Trainings: 29/11 – 19:00-21:00 30/11 – 19:00-21:00 (Roda de Capoeira), Lilla Adolf Fredriks Skola 1/12 – 11:00-18:00 2/12 – 11:00-18:00 Price: 29/11, 200 SEK 30/11, free 1/12, 300 SEK 2/12 300 SEK 29/11+1/12+2/12 600 SEK 1/12+2/12, 500 SEK More info soon

Jogo de Dentro

This animated short tells the story of a couple playing a game of Capoeira Angola in the park. It is an ancient martial art of African origin, one of the many cultural weapons used to break the chains of enslavement in Brazil. The technique of rotoscoping (tracing video frame by frame) is used to give […]

Workshop with Aloan – FICA Bahia

FUNDACAO CAPOEIRA ANGOLA STOCKHOLM INVITES YOU TO WORKSHOP WITH ALOAN – FICA BAHIA 20, 21, 22 MARCH 2009 STOCKHOLM Aloan is, inspite of his young age, a well known capoeirist in Salvador . He’s grown up in the middle of the capoeira tradition and started to teach 2005. Aloan is impressively responsible in his leadership […]