”Capoeira Angola does not depend on this…”

Mestre Pastinha once said…

”Why do people preoccupy themselves with being strong, practising martial arts and doing acrobatics to play Capoeira?

Capoeira does not depend on this…

Capoeira depends on technique, malicia and shrewdness.”

Just wanted to share that.. Rather interesting actually, the word Malicia…

Malicia what is that really? it’s used a lot in Capoeira, but In European Capoeira? Here in Stockholm, Sweden. 2009?
I believe that is a very interesting question.

Do we recognise it, can we, do we accept it? Specially in the early years of training?
To me it’s a combination it somehow, somewhere captures danger without violence,  lies and deception

To some I’m sure it contradicts everything in Capoeira and at the same time to others, it is nothing but everything …

Such is Capoeira Angola

Remember “When in doubt, leave it out”