Capoeira Angola WS i Oslo 28-30 Aug

Last weekend of august (28-30) Contra Mestre Pernalonga from Irmãos Guerreiros is paying a us visit, and so we would like to invite you all for three full days with trainings and music lessons.

Contra Mestre Pernalonga is known for his particular game style, and not least his relatively hard and athletic trainings. He is therefore a popular guest at workshops around Europe and Brazil, both within capoeira angola and contemporânea. He is also known for his music, and has released several cds, amongst them one with Mestre Roberval who visited Oslo earlier this year. Contra Mestre Pernalonga is originally from Taboão da Serra in São Paulo, but has since 2001 lived in Bremen, Germany, where he in 2004 estabelished the Academia Cazuá. The Cazuá is one of the few capoeira academies which is its own, and has capoeira classes almost every day.

With him to this workshop he will bring his sidekicks: Trenel Bom Baiano trains with Pernalonga in Bremen, and Professor Kenneth, originally from Salvador, lives and holds a capoeira group in Vienna, Austria.

Hope to see you there!

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Price and registration:

Paid after August 1st – 550 NOK (60 Euro)
for 3 days.
One day 300 NOK (33 Euro)

Transfer to the account 97223036965
and fill the IBAN-nummer: NO9397223036965
and the SWIFT/BIC-kode: DNBANOKK

Remember to fill in your full name and that it is for the workshop. You’re concidered registered when we receive your payment.

We organize sleeping places, just let us know how many you are, and bring sleeping bags and mats.

Do you have any questions don’t hesitate getting in touch with us!
Mail: knustglass(at)
Tel: (+47) 91 76 45 79.