Capoeira skyddas av UNESCO

Visste du att den 26 November 2014 fick Capoeira UN kulturarvs status.

En representant från UNESCO definierade capoeira som” ett ogreppbart kulturarv” som bidrar till bevarandet av traditioner i Brasilien.

Kul tycker vi på MQFSM Stockholm

Historic recordings of Mestre Waldemar Rodrigues da Paixão

”…The album ”Mestre Waldemar – Eu Cantei a Capoeira” contains recordings of the great master, performed in 1951 by american researcher Anthony Leeds.

It also contains recordings made in 1989, during a roda at Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) which celebrated Mestre Paulo dos Anjos’ birthday.

The CD was produced by members of the online community ”Mestre Pastinha”, and is intended to help Mestre Bigodinho, disciple of  Mestre Waldemar.

All the profit will be given to Mestre Bigodinho.

Price: R$15,00 (fifteen brazilian reais) + postal expenses

Our thanks to Mestre Burguês, for giving access to the 1989 recordings…”

More info here >>

”Capoeira Angola does not depend on this…”

Mestre Pastinha once said…

”Why do people preoccupy themselves with being strong, practising martial arts and doing acrobatics to play Capoeira?

Capoeira does not depend on this…

Capoeira depends on technique, malicia and shrewdness.”

Just wanted to share that.. Rather interesting actually, the word Malicia…

Malicia what is that really? it’s used a lot in Capoeira, but In European Capoeira? Here in Stockholm, Sweden. 2009? Läs mer

Article from the 1960’s by Mestre Pastinha

”…So in spite of early difficulties, capoeira caught on. Legendary names appeared: invincible fighters, men with flesh impenetrable by knife or bullet, men under contract to the devil, men with charms against the most powerful of enemies, men who could liberate themselves from any kind of a trap…”

Read article here

”Capoeira ger kroppskontroll”

Tittut! Ledare Peter Rosengren visar upp sina akrobatiska kunskaper. Foto: Helena Karlsson

En artikel i nwt om ”Capoeira Angola Karlstad”.

”…Somliga rörelser såg ut att vara direkt hämtade ur en Jackie Chan-film. Deltagarna fick det hela att se väldigt enkelt ut, men var efteråt snabba med att påpeka – det var det inte…”
(Foto: Helena Karlsson)

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