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Roda in memory of Mestre Pastinha, 12th of November!


GCFA Stockholm invites all to open Roda on the 12th of November in memory of Mestre Pastinha who passed away on the 13th of November 1981. GCFA Stockholm keeps the tradition going and we hope the success from previous years will carry on. All Capoeiristas, friends and families are welcome to participate.
We hope to see You there!
/GCFA // Stockholm

Date: 12 November 2008 / Time: 19:00 – 21:00 / Location: Engelbrektsskolan, Vallhallavägen 76

Academia de Mestre Pastinha

More clips from the Brighton Encounter

Mestre Roberval (GCFA) and Contra-Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA).

Contra-Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA) and Contra-Mestre Pernalonga (Irmãos Guerreiros).

Contra-Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA) and Mestre Marcello (Angoleiros do Mar)

Capoeira angola på ”UNG 08”

On stage at UNG08.

Kalle and Janette

Nico and Janette

Indio and Steve backstage




Some photos from our little presentation/show at UNG08.