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Workshop with Aloan – FICA Bahia



20, 21, 22 MARCH 2009 STOCKHOLM

Aloan is, inspite of his young age, a well known capoeirist in Salvador .
He’s grown up in the middle of the capoeira tradition and started to teach 2005.
Aloan is impressively responsible in his leadership and a very good berimbau teacher.

The workshop is for beginners as well as advanced students.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know him.


Please, let us know that you are coming so we can send you the program with time and locations. Don’t forget to tell if you need a place to sleep.


Capoeira Angola träning 23 & 25 februari

Sportlov betyder att skolorna är stängda. Kom och träna Capoeira Angola i Ullriksdal, Bagartorpsringen 48, klockan 19, måndag 23 & onsdag 25 februari. Fredag 27 februari tränar vi Capoeira Angola i Medborgarhuset som vanligt klockan 19:30. Ring Nico om ni har frågor.

Ingen barnträning under sportlovet.

Axé baba

Första barnträningen i Capoeira Angola 2009

Det var fantastiskt roligt att se alla barnen tillbaka igen! Nico höll årets första Capoeira Angola träningen med vår barngrupp. Gruppen fick tillskott av tre unga Angolieros och vi hoppas att det kommer några till kommande veckor. Känner ni några barn som vill träna Capoeira Angola så tveka inte att höra av er. Mer information om gruppen, tider och priser finns här.

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”Capoeira Angola does not depend on this…”

Mestre Pastinha once said…

”Why do people preoccupy themselves with being strong, practising martial arts and doing acrobatics to play Capoeira?

Capoeira does not depend on this…

Capoeira depends on technique, malicia and shrewdness.”

Just wanted to share that.. Rather interesting actually, the word Malicia…

Malicia what is that really? it’s used a lot in Capoeira, but In European Capoeira? Here in Stockholm, Sweden. 2009? Läs mer

Training Monday 2008-09-15

Thank you all for participating. The place was quite crowded to say the least. We had about 17 people in the house! Just a reminder, please pay the training fee for the fall (1200kr) at your earliest convenience. PG 774916-1.

Feel free to join the children/teenager training on Wednesday at 18.

Axé baba!