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CDO Sheffield Capoeira Batizado – Nov 14

CDO Sheffield would like to cordially invite you to our very first and super kick ass Batizado!!
Get ready to be happy ladies and gentlemen as we present to you a full weekend of martial art, music and dance with extra added awesomeness!
Presented by Professor Tatanka (CDO Tuscany, Italy)

Mestre Papa Leguas (CDO Patos de Minas, Brazil)
Mestre Pudim (Grupo Soluna, Rome, Italy)
Contra-Mestre Piolho (CDO Chester, UK)
Contra-Mestre Korisko (CDO Torino, Italy)
Professor Tatu (CDO Nottingham, UK)
Professor Medusa (CDO Edinburgh, UK)
Professor Cascão (CDO Norwich, UK)
Professora Ligeirinha (CDO Paris, France)

Full Weekend: £70 (£60 for students outside UK)
One Day: £35
Venue: TBC
By ’eck, get thee sen down!
(South Yorkshire dialect, translation: We would be delighted if you would grace us with your presence)


Representing Capoeira Angola and MQFSM Stockholm is our very own Elisabeth Hortobagyl. Axe Amiga!


World food festival -13

Trainer profile – Micke Lund

MQFSM Stockholm is proud to present Micke. Not only has this trainer exercised Capoeira Angola for nearly 20 years, he has also taught the art in three countries. In class, Micke will push your body and mind to their limits. Expect to be challenged in physical strength, cardio and balance. Learn the art of trickery and sequences with a twist. With his own impeccable techniques, toques and tunes he keeps inspiring us.

Micke’s game is elegant, dynamic and clever. A style true to Mestre Roberval and a joy to the eye. In the Roda he’ll play you like a cat plays a mouse, and then finish you off with style… and a smile of course.



Trainer profile – Nico Asenjo

Educating Stockholms next generation of capoeira Mestres and Mestras, Nico is a MQFSM trainer with a lot on his shoulders. His kids’ classes are filled with energy, laughter and love. Swing by and be amazed by these brave, flexible and fast learning young angoleiros. Nico guides them through capoeira techniques, acrobatics, history, music training all the way to the small roda.

This rockers own game is just as cool as his suspenders. Classic capoeira angola spiced up with mischief and a hint of street style. Generously sharing his energy and positive vibes Nico brings out the best in everyone.


Nico rabo


Nico and Kalle – MQFSM


Capoeira workshop in Berlin 10-12 oct

Welcome to Malandragem da Capoeira 2014!

Malandragem da Capoeira is an international Capoeira meeting, organised by Professor Ganso and the students from the group Preservação da Mandinga in Berlin.
In this year’s edition there will have plenty of movement and roda trainings, music, maculêlê and samba de roda classes, many capoeira rodas, and a berimbau making workshop given by Mestre Ulisses. There will be an advanced training directed to the Instrutores and Professores. There will also be the the batizado and graduation of the students of the group in Berlin.

From Malandragem da capoeira 2013