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”Capoeira Angola does not depend on this…”

Mestre Pastinha once said…

”Why do people preoccupy themselves with being strong, practising martial arts and doing acrobatics to play Capoeira?

Capoeira does not depend on this…

Capoeira depends on technique, malicia and shrewdness.”

Just wanted to share that.. Rather interesting actually, the word Malicia…

Malicia what is that really? it’s used a lot in Capoeira, but In European Capoeira? Here in Stockholm, Sweden. 2009? Läs mer

Capoeira for the homeless

I think it is wonderful to see what the Amazonas Capoeira group in London are doing. I was deeply touched by this message I received from Relene on Facebook. We should all think about how we can contribute to society with our incredible art form.

Hi guys

Every year i am involving in helping a group of friends with the homeless in south London. We serve food and give away gifts for the homeless, and if you have clothes, or anything you want to give feel free, but no money please…

This year i need your help to do a Capoeira performance and any act you wish to do for entertainment. The homeless are very vulnerable, victims of crime and lonely. If we could give them a moment of entertainment so they can forget their sadness, God Bless you all!

Date: 13th of December
Time: 12pm

Address: Ace Clubs/ St. Alphonsus Road
Clapham common Tube

Please let me know if you can help, and if you can also bring a carry bag with warm clothes, hats, socks, jumpers, jeans, etc… that would more then welcome!!



Roda de Mestre Pastinha

Tack alla ni som deltog i Roda de Capoeira Angola till minne av Mestre Pastinha. Deltagande från GCFA, FICA, Ié Capoeira, Cordao de Ouro, Senzala och Guanabara.

GCFA hoppas att vi snart får chansen att träffas och spela Capoeira snart igen!