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Capoeira Angola Women Power Conference Stockholm 2013

Once again FICA Stockholm invites Contramestra Gege – FICA Bahia to celebrate the international womens day in Stockholm

Friday 8 of March – Open Roda
Saturday 9 of March – Training, Music
Sunday 10 of March – Training, Music

More guests to be confirmed
More information coming soon

Contra Mestre Gege/ FICA

Maria Eugenia Poggi, born in Rio de Janeiro, started training Capoeira Angola under the guidance of Mestre Cobra Mansa in 1995 and was part of FICA when it was founded in 1996. Since then, she has participated in various international conferences; she was invited to participate in the 2003 Angoleiras event in Rio de Janeiro and the first Angoleiras Encounter in Europe in 2006, Cologne. She moved to Lima, Peru 2003 where she led workshops with different groups. Since two years ago she moved with her family to live in Salvador, Brazil and this year she had her title as a Contra Mestre. We are so happy to see Gege in Stockholm again for the third on time!

Treinel Onça / FICA Stockholm

The event is coordinated by Åsa Gustavii who worked in Tensta as a field assistant, PE teacher and coordinator. Åsa runs the local capoeira club in close cooperation with parents and local organizations with help from her students. She has formal education in leadership, is a certified process supervisor and athletics consultant as well as having extensive pedagogical skills and experiences. Åsa is a Swedish pioneer and has practiced capoeira for 25 years with the goal of creating meeting places without limits in regards to age, gender or ethnicity.

FICA Stockholm in Tensta

Through a global network capoeira has spread across all continents, to people of all ages and from varying social backgrounds, where those who would otherwise be left without a public space and form of expression have earned both respect and recognition. Capoeira facilitates the exchange of traditional culture and folklore between locals, brings people of different backgrounds together and stimulates interaction and dialogue. The game can be said to be the fastest spreading sport in the world and has been dubbed one of the earth’s non-material wonders. Through the preservation of this oral tradition new, aware leaders are created, who will in turn themselves create additional leaders.

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