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Äntligen är de här

I måndags kom ordförande med rykande heta MQFSM T-shirts.

Nu kan ingen missa oss i Capoeira Rodorna runt om i Stockholm.


Kontrollera vad du beställt och att du betalat, sedan är det bara att hämta ut.

Priset är 150kr som sätts in på PlusGiro: 77 49 16-1, Filhos de Angola.



On Monday, the President of Capoeira MQFSM Stockholm brought the new smoking hot t-shirts.

Now , no one can miss us in Capoeira Rodas around Stockholm.


Please check what you ordered and that you paid and pick your brand new club t-shirt.

Price is 150kr deposited in PlusGiro : 77 49 16-1 , Filhos de Angola.

Thank you

Trainer profile – Micke Lund

MQFSM Stockholm is proud to present Micke. Not only has this trainer exercised Capoeira Angola for nearly 20 years, he has also taught the art in three countries. In class, Micke will push your body and mind to their limits. Expect to be challenged in physical strength, cardio and balance. Learn the art of trickery and sequences with a twist. With his own impeccable techniques, toques and tunes he keeps inspiring us.

Micke’s game is elegant, dynamic and clever. A style true to Mestre Roberval and a joy to the eye. In the Roda he’ll play you like a cat plays a mouse, and then finish you off with style… and a smile of course.



Trainer profile – Kalle Solberg

A MQFSM Stockholm trainer with skills. Kalle knows every muscle, bone and joint in the human anatomy. With a background in ballet, gymnastics and crossfit he can teach you how to bend, build and stretch your body into perfect capoeira moves. Prepare yourself for a full body work out with days of muscle soreness.

His own game is sharp, strong and in absolute control. But do not be fooled by the sweet smiles and his angel like voice, Kalle is known to be a real devil in the roda and he will not hesitate to make a fool out of you.



Gingado with mestre Roberval