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Tack Mestre Marcelo Angola

MQDSM Stockholm vill ge ett stort tack till capoeira Mestre Marcelo Angola och Angoleiros do Mar för besöket i onsdags. Mestre Marcelo Angola höll en fartfylld och inspirerande träning hos oss på Thorildsplan.

Muito obrigado Mestre Marcelo Angola


capoeira angola stockholm


Mestre Marcelo Angola kommer till Stockholm


2-5 Maj bjuder Angoleiros do Mar Stockholm in till Workshop med Mestre Marcelo Angola och CM Fubuia.


18-20 Opening roda

FRIDAY – Alphyddan, Nacka
19-21 Class with Mestre Marcelo or CM Fubuia Alphyddan

SATURDAY – Alphyddan, Nacka
12:00-14:00 Class with Mestre Marcelo or CM Fubuia Alphyddan
14:00-15:00 Break
15:00-17:00 Class with Mestre Marcelo or CM Fubuia Alphyddan
17:00-19:00 Roda

SUNDAY – Alphyddan, Nacka
12:00-18:00 Workshop, details to be decided.

500 kr for all days
250 kr per day

Huvudstagatan 2, 17144 Solna.

Alphyddan, Nacka
Alphyddevägen 4, 131 35 Nacka.
Dansstudion next to Maestroskolan.

Bus station: Nacka Station/Nacka.
Buss: 409, 410, 411, 413, 414, 422

Roberval Workshop a success!

”…The recent workshop with Mestre Roberval of Filhos de Angola was a great success. Although only a few students made the beginning of the weekend there were some great rodas, displays and workshops…”

Lite bilder från Mestre Robervals workshop i Exeter 2008.

…and in Paris…

There seems to be a lot of workshops happening at the moment. Angoleiros do Mar in Paris are organising a workshop between the 13th and the 16th of November. (Click on the image to enlarge it).