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Vadiação – Waldemar, Traíra & Bimba (1955)

The film Vadiação was made in 1955, and as you can see is a short documentary made of capoeira in Salvador, Bahia. The complete film last maybe 5 minutes, and is primarily made up of a demonstration roda led by capoeira angola mestres Waldemar, Traíra & Bimba

Dança de Guerra (1968)

”Excerpt from the movie ”Dança de Guerra”, directed by Jair Moura (1968). Mestres João Grande and João Pequeno play, while Mestres Noronha and Maré sing.”

Mestre Jogo de Dentro in Milano!

A workshop with Mestre Jogo de Dentro in Milano, Italy, 3-9 of November.

See the program here.
More info about the workshop here
Some info about M. Jogo de Dentro

If you’ve never seen the guy in action take a look at this game…

More clips from the Brighton Encounter

Mestre Roberval (GCFA) and Contra-Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA).

Contra-Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA) and Contra-Mestre Pernalonga (Irmãos Guerreiros).

Contra-Mestre Gato Preto (GCFA) and Mestre Marcello (Angoleiros do Mar)

Mestre Laercio e Mestre Guara